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Manufacturers & Researchers Worldwide Benefit From CBG's Solvent Distillation Systems

Our laboratory and industrial solvent distillation systems and stills have been proven to bring:

  • Solvent sustainability to labs and manufacturing facilities: Our solvent distillation systems and stills conserve resources while helping protect the environment.
  • Automation and efficiencies to various industrial and laboratory operations: Each CBG unit can be programmed to run absent of human intervention, which reduces the amount of physical labor required by your staff and supports simplified multitasking.

  • Safety to solvent distillation processes: All of our solvent distillation systems and stills are approved to meet stringent UL standards for distillation equipment; they're closed-loop systems that are designed to conceal harmful vapors and prevent potentially hazardous solvents from coming into contact with your personnel.

  • Cost savings to labs and industrial facilities: Our customers substantially reduce how much they spend on solvent purchases, waste disposal, compliance, labor and more.

Recycling Waste Acetone in Teaching Laboratories

CU Denver's Chemistry Department and CU Anschutz Work Together to Recycle Waste Acetone in Teaching Labs

The Chemistry Department at the University of Colorado Denver is now recycling waste acetone that is generated in teaching laboratories.Through conversations between the Chemistry Department and the university‚Äôs Department of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), it was discovered that the teaching labs at CU Denver could greatly benefit from reusing their waste acetone.EHS realized its recycler, which was infrequently used, would be an endless resource at CU Denver; so EHS donated the recycler to the Chemistry Department.

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Columbia University Uses Solvent Recycler to Recycle Acetone, Xylene & Ethanol in Labs

Read about how CBG partnered with Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) to save thousands of dollars on solvent purchases and waste disposal fees with effective acetone, xylene and ethanol solvent distillation processes.

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